There Are Tips To Prevent Rust And Porous On Iron Gates at Home

So that the house becomes an important element of a dwelling. Not only serves as a security tool, but the gate also functions as an aesthetic value addition to the building’s facade. Various types of materials can be used to make gates. One of them is a gate made of iron. However, the age of use and exposure to sunlight and rain will make the iron gate rusty. So preventive measures are needed by taking care of the gate so that damage does not arise, such as rusting and porous. You don’t want those two problems to appear on your gates, especially if you’ve installed sophisticated electric wrought iron gates at home.

Here are some tips to prevent iron gates from rusting:

Coat the gate with stainless steel paint

One way to protect iron gates from rusting is to coat the gate using iron paint that has the anti-rust ability. Coat your iron gate with anti-rust paint on all metal parts.

If it’s already rusty, clean the gate first

The handling required to handle a gate that is not rusted with a gate that has rusted is certainly different. If the iron gate is already rusty and we only apply anti-rust paint on the outside, of course, the results will not be optimal.

Therefore, before coating the gate with anti-rust paint, first, clean the rusty part of the gate. You can use a wire brush to clean the gate, before sanding it down completely. To make it more optimal, you can use a dry cloth to re-clean the entire surface of the gate.

Coat the iron gate repeatedly

If the entire surface of the gate is clean, start coating the surface of the iron gate with the prepared anti-rust paint. For optimal results, it is recommended to coat it repeatedly, but with a note after the previous layer has dried first. Thus, the iron gate becomes more protected and does not rust easily.

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